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Scott Dyleski Case - Timeline


11.25.1987  - Horowitz filed Personal Harassment Lawsuit against neighbor Doug Schneider

3.24.1988 - Doug and Karen Schneider file Property suit against Daniel Horowitz, Leslie Coffin Horowitz, and Carol Altneu (Horowitz's sister)

3.10.1993 - Petition for Dissolution of Marriage Coffin and Horowitz

8.01.2003 - Lamorinda Winery and Vineyards fictitious business statement

2004 - Horowitz and Vitale purchase Josephy Lynch's Property for ~ $350,000 (in 2009 the property was put up for sale for about $1 million.)

Horowitz and Vitale borrow $300,000 from neighbors, Milan & Mary Matijiek

8.02.2004 - Daniel Horowitz and Pamela Vitale Deed Substitution of Trustee and Assignment of Rents on Rick Ortiz property in Red Bluff, California.
Tehama County

9.13.2004 - Daniel Horowitz and Pamela Vitale borrow $300,000 from neighbors Mary and Milan (Mike) Matejicek signing a Mortgage, Deed of Trust and Assignments of Rents

3.7.2005 - Joseph Lynch reports to Contra Costa Sheriff's Dept. that he felt threatened by Daniel Horowitz and other neighbors/workers, Daniel Horowitz is Lynch's Conservator

6.15.2005 Restraining Order filed on Joseph Lynch by Daniel Horowitz and Pamela Vitale

6.23.2005 Restraining Order on Joseph Lynch dropped (Lynch never knew there was one)

6.20.2005 - Daniel Horowitz and Pamela Vitale gain ownership of Rick Ortiz's vacation property in Red Bluff, California. Deed of Trust and Assignment of Rents with Jose Santiago. Tehama County

Daniel Horowitz and Pamela Vitale, represented by Ivan Golde, file fraud lawsuit against Juan Perez, mansion roofer.

8.25.2005 - Daniel Horowitz starts defending Susan Polk pro bono with a claim of self defense

8.29.2005 - Susan Polk trial continuance, jury selection delayed

9.9.2005 -   Capital Investments Group, Inc. - LLC forms in Cheyenne Wyoming said to belong to Pavlo 'Pavel' Lazarenko

9.14.2005 Juan Perez, mansion roofer, answers lawsuit complaint against him

9.19.2005 - Susan Polk Jury selection begins, Valerie Northrup Horowitz was a potential juror (a day after Northrup was dismissed she came back to court claiming she was an author and she started working for Horowitz within about a week on the Polk case.)

Daniel Horowitz files Youngblood/Trombetta Supplemental Declaration
in the Susan Polk case evidently regarding his high tech/computer expertise

9.28.2005 - Daniel Horowitz and Ivan Golde file claiming Witness Tampering in Susan Polk case

10.11.2005 - Daniel Horowitz and Ivan Golde Opening Statements in Susan Polk case

10.12.2005 - An order is place to Specialty Lighting at ~ 9:30 in the evening (in Grand Jury testimony Jena Reddy says Scott Dyleski was with her until Midnight that night)

10.14.2005 - Karen Schneider communicated with Specialty Lighting, calls Lafayette PD at noon to report fraud to Officer Henriques and later in the afternoon, around 4:30, files a report. She claims she asks her nephews to stay at her house that night. . She also tells a neighbor about the CC fraud. Karen Schneider has obtained the IP address, details regarding the "ship to" and "bill to" addresses for the charges,  yahoo email indicating it belongs to Esther Fielding, the name of another charge to John Halpin, and knows a boy, trying to sound older, talked with reps at Specialty Lighting that morning. 'Ship To" addresses are all to Esther Fielding, none to Horowitz/Vitale readdress

Vitale' Murder

10.15.2005 - Pamela Vitale is brutally murdered. Daniel Horowitz calls 911 ~ 5:56 pm but then drops the phone and later calls LE on his cell phone. Officer Hoffman arrives several minutes later, but cannot open the gate to drive through and as he receives the code to open it, Officer Henriques arrives.

Karen Schneider says she leaves around 9:30 am and drives to Kings City to stay with her husband Doug

10.16.2005 - Hunsaker Canyon residents gather for a neighborhood meeting initiated by Karen Schneider to confront Esther Fielding as a group with the CC Fraud information. Doug Schneider calls LE about CC Fraud.

10.17.2005 - LE visits Lynch while he is clearing brush with esther Fielding and Scott Dyleski to tell him he is not going to be arrested or declared a suspect. The Officer notes Fielding's van and the clothing Scott Dyleski is wearing.

Daniel Horowitz claims Pamela Vitale didn't have any assets.

Mistrial declared in Susan Polk case

Doug Schneider calls LE twice about CC Fraud.

Pamela Vitale Autopsy

10.19.2005 - The Curiel household is searched and Scott Dyleski is Arrested.

Duffel Bag is found in van by Reserve (citizen) Deputy Kovar.

10.21.2005 - a tip is received stating Megan Curtis, who lived within 1/2  mile of the Vitale/Horowitz residence, was told by her boyfriend, David Lawrence Elder, that he killed Vitale. Elder was 23 at the time and a meth addict who was robbing people int he Hunsaker Canyon area as well as from his Megan's own parents. Curtis later states in a letter that she went to LE with the information that Elder confessed and said he killed Vitale by bludgeoning her with his skateboard. LE tells Curtis that they already have the killer. This evidence was never presented in court and only came to light in the Summer of 2009.

2.03.2006 Daniel Horowitz lawsuit for fraud against Juan Perez, mansion roofer, is dismissed w/ prejudice.

8.01.2006 - Daniel Horowitz testifies at Dyleski's trial and tells the press the mansion is finished.

6.25.2007 - Daniel Horowitz and Valerie Northrup honeymoon in Italy

4.08.2007 Mary MATEJICEK Death

5.23.2008 - Daniel Horowitz represented by Russo files lawsuits against numerous contractors who worked on the mansion construction.

2.10.2008 Milan MATEJICEK Death

MATEJICEK's property at 1812 Hunsaker Canyon Rd sold by Daniel Horowitz, trustee.

12.04.2009 Eiko Sugihara, a Japanese-American, elderly woman, was found dead, with her car on fire on same road Megan Curtis lived. Her death was deemed suspicious (article)

Daniel Horowitz marries Valerie Northrup

Daniel Horowitz and Valerie Northrup form an LLC Happy Valley Rd Investments, Cheyenne Wyoming