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Reasonable Doubt and Other Suspects

The Politics of Fear and Demonizing Scott Dyleski

Daniel Horowitz's Bizarre Claims and Untruths


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Scott Dyleski Case - Documents

People vs. Scott Edgar Dyleski
1st Appellate District, Division 1  A115725
Supreme Court Case  S173389


PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDATE After Denial of Motion for DNA Testing Jan 2013

US District Court Northern California Petition Oct 2012

California State Supreme Court Habeas Corpus Petition Oct 2012

Habeas Corpus Appeal  (California State) - Dec 2011
(Exhibits and Appendix unavailable online)
Court Link

The Appellate Court had requested an Opposition Response from the CA Attorney General's Office. The AG filed a response on 2.28.2012. Petitioner reply was submitted on 3.22.2012 - the response to the Attorney General, amongst other claims, is that the AG response amounted to an informal and general denial that did not include evidence that the petition's allegations are factually unfounded.
Habeas Corpus Appeal (Contra Costa County) - May 2011
Exhibits A-F    Exhibits G-P
Habeas Corpus Appeal Denied in Contra Costa County - October 2011



Skelton Hearing 10.19.2005 (doc)
Grand Jury 10.25.2005 (.pdf)

Motions or Requests Denied

Change of Venue

Kelly Hearing on Y-STR DNA (Leonida)
Motion Hearing Admiss. of DNA Evid. 6.19.2006 (.pdf)
People's Reply Motion For Kelly Hearing 7.6.2006 (.pdf)
People's Response to Motion 7.16.2006 (.pdf)
Reply to Prosecution Opposition 7.26.2006 (.pdf)
Y-STR Tests/Analysis by Gary Harmor SERI (2009 Resume)

Media Requests
Contra Costa Times Order On Media Request 10.24.2005
CNN Order On Media Request 10.24.2005 (.pdf)
CNN Order On Media Request 10.26.2005 (.pdf)

Gag Order
People's Request for Gag Order 10.27.2005 (.pdf)
Notice of Motion for Gag Order McKenna 10.27.2005 (.pdf)
Judge Flynn Ruling on Gag Order 10.27.2005 (.pdf)
SF Chronicle, et al. Opposition To Motion 10.27.2005 (.pdf)
Application to Include Gloria Alred (.pdf)
Amended Protective Order 10.28.2005 (.pdf)
Jewett Support Modification Include Alred 10.28.2005 (.pdf)
(claims 'dark aspect' of relationship that is now public info)
Opposition to Gag Order on Alred 10.28.2005 (.pdf)
Fed Authorities in Support of SF Chronicle  11.8.2005 (.pdf)
Alred Response 11.16.2005 (.pdf)
SF Chronicle's on Vacating Gag Order 11.16.2005 (.pdf)
People's Request for Gag Order 11.16.2005 (.pdf)
People's Reponse to Clarification Request 12.8.2005 (.pdf)

Motions or Requests Granted

Suppress DNA from Wheeler and Lynch (Leonida)
Exclude Dog Scent Evidence (Leonida - .pdf)
Exclude 911 Call (.pdf Court Transcript)

Preliminary  Hearing Transcripts

Trial Transcripts

Exhibit List

   Diagram Horowitz/Vitale Living Room
(from Trial, body placement is not accurate)
_ Diagram Horowitz/Vitale Trailer


Gloria Alred/San Fran Chronicle vs. Contra Costa County
"Allred also told the Supreme Court that she offered to voluntarily produce her client/witness for questioning and instead officers appeared with guns drawn to serve a warrant on the client/witness (ref)."

Violation of Civil Rights - Case No. C06-05751 WHA


Wrongful Convictions: How many innocent Americans are behind bars?
Radley Balko, July 2011 Reason Magazine

"Many states have special public defender offices that take over death penalty cases after a defendant has exhausted his appeals. These offices tend to be well-staffed, with enough funding to hire their own investigators and forensic specialists. That sometimes stands in stark contrast to the public defender offices that handled the same cases at trial. Perversely, this means that in some jurisdictions, a defendant wrongly convicted of murder may be better off with a death sentence than with life in prison ... the pace of genetic exonerations appears to be limited primarily by the amount of money and staff that legal advocacy groups have to uncover these cases and argue them in court, the amount of evidence available for testing, and the willingness of courts to allow the process to happen, not by a lack of cases in need of further investigation."


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